We often hear from business owners & executives who are not getting the growth and profit margins that they know they can achieve in their company.

So we created a proprietary Business TakeOff TM Process that helps business owners and executives uncover how their company can have massive growth and the higher profit margins they know they are capable of. We do this through a proprietary Flight Plan TM that breaks down exactly what we need to do to take the Business to the next level.


Creating your Flight Plan TM
through our Business TakeOff TM Process

Think of our approach like an aircraft that needs to Take Off. There are important 3 steps to follow before any airplane actually lifts from the ground: Boarding, Taxiing, and leaving the Runway.



Just as passengers show their information before stepping onboard, we look at your business’ information first. We look at your current marketing strategy, your branding, your sales process, and your current numbers. Then we start moving.



Before a plane can speed down the runway and lift off, it still needs to get in position. In this next step, we look a little bit further. We move into the action of your business, such as your customer’s experiences, your operational process, and the cultural atmosphere you operate in.



Lastly, the plane begins to gather momentum along the runway before taking to the sky. In the same manner, we finalize a growth strategy, consider everything it will take to execute, and put together your proprietary flight plan so that you can start moving down the runway yourself.

Take Flight

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
Deliverable. Exactly what we
will do to take your Business
to the next Level

This final flight plan is your ultimate business plan, your strategized guide
on how to grow and succeed past the troublesome barriers that
previously bound your business.

We have taken countless satisfied companies through this same process
with fantastic results, our own included,and we’re excited to meet with
yours next!

"I never blame the Marketplace when a company cannot grow or increase their Profits, I Love to reposition companies in Today's Marketplace and watch them soar!"
~ Ryan Egypt


Today's leading Business Strategy group for some
of the Nation's leading brands
and small businesses. 

Our company is a result of professional work

The Rames Group was founded in 2006 dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs & companies with strategic marketing & sales strategies, having an amazing customer experience, increasing Profits and Cash flow.

Our boutique style Group works closely with C level executives and entrepreneurs to tailor a strategy and execution plan for the goal desired.

Some companies are stuck at a plateau and really don't have a clear goal or vision for what is next. Rames Group will analyze the environment of the company, products/services and team to create a Plan for Profits.

With over 25 years of experience, we ensure massive measurable results to your business. 

We look forward to speaking with you.

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We use my Proprietary Business Takeoff processTM to take your business to the next Level.

~ Ryan Egypt

Business Consulting

Our team takes the Time to understand your brand, mission and desired outcome in order to construct a thorough and executable action plan to reach the company's new goals.

Our sales expert goes through the challenges in your sales department including the sales culture, strategies, tactics and pitches to ultimately create a sales team environment that produces record breaking numbers.

Challenges and constraints exist in every business exist. We're Great at turning those into Opportunities for our Clients. 

Featured in:

Sales Strategy | What we do.

  • 01 Leadership, Systems
  • 02 Coaching, Team Development
  • 03 Increase Sales Revenue
Sales is the engine that drives your product or service forward.

Rames Sales Consulting

No matter how tight your operation, valuable your product or clear your financial goals are, a powerful sales strategy and team is key. 

At Rames Group, we believe that the engine of the vehicle should be performing optimally and as efficiently as possible. This is why we've invested time, money and plenty of resources to customize a sales program that we guarantee will add massive value to your prospects and your enterprise. We've gathered intel from around the world to impact your team so they will perform strategically and ultimately put dollars in your pocket!

There is nothing better than providing the world with a product or service that adds value to your prospects lives' and also adds value to yours.

Dubai: The Global Hub Connecting the World

Dubai is one of the most inspirational, exciting and thriving cities in the world. Today it is an immensely attractive destination for businesses and tourists from around the world.

It all started with a population of about 175,000 people. Today, Dubai has a population of 3 million people thanks to its lifestyle appeal and investment incentives.

Why is Dubai one of the most lucrative markets in the world? Dubai’s strategic location gives easy access to 2.2 billion consumers, from a unique centralized time zone that combines East and West business hours. Dubai is the perfect gateway between East and West and the preferred hub for the region’s imports and exports market . 

Would you like your business to thrive in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Contact The RAMES Group to get more information on how we can strategically place your business in the UAE Today.


For over 15 years, our team has worked with many different entrepreneurs and companies developing new products and services. 

There are several different packages we offer in New Product Development ranging from Prototyping to Consumer Targeting to putting together Marketing and Branding Plan for your new product or service. 

For more information, please contact us today. 


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